All 100% natural and handicraf

Propolis specialists with more than 30 years of history

100% naturals and holistic propolis products

Propol-mel products perform an integral work developing their function in our bodies from the inside out.

Organic ingredients

We manufacture certified organic food supplements with no gluten, from propolis which we process ourselves (propolis tincture, syrup, oral spray and candy).

Holistic products

Propol-mel products produce effects not only on the visible outside, but work holistically in our bodies, both inside and outside.

100% natural cosmetics

100% natural cosmetics act from the cell interior, nourishing cells, stimulating their regeneration and restructuring. It does not provide instant sensations, but leads to real changes sustained over time.

Do you know the benefits of propolis?

Balance, Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Antioxidant that protects from oxidation, oils and serum lipoproteins through free antiradicals activity and inhibitor effect on cuprous ion.
  • Antiviral for its content of phenolics like caffeic and feluric esters.
  • Immunity stimulant via oral ingestion.
  • Antiinflammatory and analgesic also for the action of certain phenols like ethyl phenyl acid, caffeic, or kaempferia.
  • Anti-toxic capable of inhibit the action of the chemotoxicity thanks to the galangin, another flavonoid.

What is Propol-mel?

We’ve been more than 10 years working with organic beekeepers who provide us with propolis and honey. We process propolis as artisans to obtain usefull ingredients to elaborate food supplements and cosmetics.

An artisanal processing means we do it by hand, without complex tools or machinery and using non industrializable processes. Our mission is to provide the best quality possible propolis products and a range of cosmetics for personal and family hygiene and beauty.