The concept “Holistic”

The concept “Holistic” comes from the Greek term “Holos” which means “whole”. It indicates also “integrated and organized”. Until few years ago, of the human being, only one part was taken into account: the physical body. Today we can look at the human being through its multiple bodies and as a complete being:

We can say that, the physical body is, therefore, the communication medium of our multiple bodies. The set of these creates the human aura, an energetic field of luminous multicolor radiation. From planet Earth, to minerals, plants, animals and any physical manifestation, everything has an aura (read more).

Thanks to quantum physics we know that the universe is only LIGHT, energy in continuous movement and transformation, and that everything manifested is an emanation of the primal light that nourishes itself in perfect unity.

Depending on the vibratory frequencies of the luminous particles, creations are more subtle or denser, from elemental particles to the solid matter that we can perceive with our senses. To illustrate this in a better way we can think of the three states of water: steamwater and ice, it is always water but in three different states. Thus, the creation of a human being flows from the primal source of light materializing gradually through the different bodies until its state of maximum condensation, the physical body.

The goal of a holistic product is to facilitate that the light or energy of life flows through our bodies so we can live the day by day with more peace, joy, love and gratitude, allowing beauty and health to manifest naturally.

A holistic product must be, first of all, 100% natural

A holistic product must be, first of all, 100% natural, as our cells only recognize nature as something equal to them, thanks to their common union, the light. Also, a holistic product must nourish one by one the different bodies of the human being, with natural elements that vibrate in the same luminous frequency of the body we want to nourish. Knowing this, we elaborate our products as following:

To nourish the physical body we choose the natural raw materials that are the most adequate for each function selecting them one by one. From propolis from bee friendly beekeepers, to plant extracts, unrectified plant oils, detergents and natural waxes, fruit squash, pure essential oils…

To nourish the energetic body (chakras) and propitiate their natural balance we elaborate, on one side, vibrational essences from diverse natural sources: the hive (the bee kingdom), plants, minerals, crystals, etc. and essences from the chakras respective colors. All of our vibrational essences are elaborated through the Andreas Korte crystal method which is harmless to nature.

To nourish the spiritual body, once the product is finished, we keep in in a space designed in accordance to Feng Shui (read more), where the vital energy flows naturally, we impregnate it with musical notes with harmonic frequencies and we apply bioenergy (read more) with lightbearing * crystals*.

To nourish the emotional and mental bodies we use the pure essential oils (read more about aromatherapy)

The human being is happy, filled with life, with light.

There is light in the body and every cell live in The Magic of Unity, in the joy of a pure contact.

The explanation that has been given is sequenced so the holistic work can be better understood, but, since there is no separation between the bodies, they all perform a joint action for the benefit of the human being as a whole.

A holistic product is not a therapy, its goal is to balance our bodies so the energy flows freely, this way the physical body can manifest its real potential that emanates from living in natural harmony with The Life.

Expressed in a simple way, we can say that when we use these products, the body cells expand to absorb their nutrients, they recognize them as equals to themselves, they are Life to the body.