Who we do Propol-mel?

Nadiprana SL is a familly business located in Els Pallaresos, a small village near Tarragona city.

We’ve been more than 10 years working with organic beekeepers who provide us with propolis and honey. We process propolis as artisans to obtain usefull ingredients to elaborate food supplements and cosmetics.

Did you know that...
The use of Propol-mel products changes our energy levels?

Images of persons have been taken with the GDV camera. This instrument allows to measure scientific and objectively the levels of the human energy field, the energy levels of our aura.

These cameras also allow making an estimate approximation to the chakrasenergy levels and to their imbalance as well.

In the image at the left we can see a graphic representation of a person’s energy levels.

The concentric circles represent the chakras that mark the energy levels. This descends if the chakras are farther from the central line of the image and they increase if they align in themselves.

The ones in lighter color and misaligned represent the energy levels before the use of Propol-mel products and in darker color and aligned, after some time using the products regularly.

These studies have been made by Xavier Rosique.

Craftsmanship and tradition

An artisanal processing means we do it by hand, without complex tools or machinery and using non industrializable processes. Our mission is to provide the best quality possible propolis products and a range of cosmetics for personal and family hygiene and beauty.

Guarantees and Safety

  • Comply with the European norm of natural cosmetics.
  • All of our cosmetics include the INCI composition in our language to provide the user with real information about our formulations. The INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) provides a detailed list of ingredients with their Latin names and with a scale from high to low concentration.
  • We use only local propolis produced by hive friendly beekeepers as hives suffer from stress when forced to perform beyond normal possibilities. This way we get less but higher quality propolis.
  • Our products contain ingredients from plants, genetically unmodified and unrectified virgin oils.
  • We only use essential oils extracted by steam, and never use fragrances obtained from essential oils constituents or synthetic perfumes.
  • They are preserved naturally with the propolis tincture, essential oils and sorbic acid (natural food preservative). We never use synthetic preservatives (like the commonly used parabens or the imidazolidinyl urea, a formaldehyde liberator).
  • In order to minimize packaging, boxes are not used; we only use eco-friendly packaging, never PVC.
  • Our products don’t contain dyes, ethoxylated ingredients, silicon, paraffin, mineral oils, phthalates, phenol and phenyl, or oil derived products.
  • Neither they contain raw materials from slaughtered animals, or are tested on animals.
  • We don’t use ingredients that may contain talcum, mercury, aluminum, poly-ethylene glycols (PEGs) diethanolamine (DEAs), stearate, ceteareth or laureate sulfates, sodium lauryl sulfates or synthetic anti-oxidants like butyl hydroxytoluene (BHT or E-321).